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Equal Protections?!

Today The Trump Administration has announced that they are rescinding protections to trans youth on the federal level. During President Trumps campaign to be president, he said that he was an ally for LGBT, well if you’re an ally for the LGBT community then why are you taking away these simple rights and protections that a true president enacted to ensure the safety of our youth. You Mr. President, are not a president.


There is so much that I could so here that is political but this isn’t about politics, it’s about human rights and the safety of our youth. We need to stand together and let them know that we support them and will protect them since our government no longer wants to protect them for obvious reasons. It is in my personal opinion that the Trump Administration and the Republicans are transphobic.

I was told that I needed to give Mr. Trump a chance when he made it into office. Well you know what I have given him enough chances. I will no longer give him another chance. All he is doing a destroying our country, our allies, our friends, and neighbors. We must stand together and let the arrogant businessman know we won’t tolerate his nonsense.

I am officially stating that Mr. Trump is #NotMyPresident and never will be. People like him and VP Pence need to learn that everyone were created equal and deserve to be treated equal no matter how they identify, what their orientation is, how wealthy or poor they are. We are human beings.

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Transgender Issues Today

Today there is a rising issue regarding the Transgender community that is repulsive. Several states have issued even more discriminating laws aimed towards the Trans community and of what restrooms that they are allowed to use. These discriminatory laws state that you are only allowed to use the restrooms that your born gender identity identifies with. I believe that if you identify as a Male or Female you should be able to use the restroom that you identify with. for decades, Trans people have used the bathrooms that they identified with without any repercussions up until now. They believe that allowing trans people into the bathroom that they are allowing child molesters and other pedophiles into the restrooms to create more victims. This is so untrue and unrealistic. The United States Department of Justice has recently filed a lawsuit against the state of North Carolina over their new discriminatory transgendered laws as they violate federal discrimination laws and the american civil rights laws. I stand behind the United States Attorney General’s right to file this lawful lawsuit against this state. The one thing that just disturbs be is why they (North Carolina) would all of a sudden write the new legislative law and enforce immediately when all of transgendered people have been using these restrooms for decades and then all of a sudden they want to make it illegal. There is something wrong with the minds of the legislators and governor of North Carolina. In my personal opinion these uneducated individuals are incompetent and need some more education. Yes, I don’t have the education that they may have, but I can say that I have more common sense and a better education than they do. I’m not racist or discriminate and have a whole lot better values than these incompetents.

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Donald Trump & Equality

When it comes to moving equality forward Donald J. Trump is the worst candidate possible on the face of the earth. He has done said he would repeal same-sex marriage his first in in the Oval Office as well as ACA also known as ObamaCare. If anyone has a fighting chance at being in office and making a real change it would be Hilary Clinton. I did have thoughts on Bernie Sanders, but with his ailing age, and chronic health issues, and this stress the office puts on you I don’t believe he would survive his first term of office and his predecessor would have to take over and that could be a tabernacle of a scene so call it one. So my overall opinion for a condidate would definitely have to be the Democratic Hilary Clinton!