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Orlando 😢

When hearing about the nation’s largest shooting massacre in Orlando at the gay nightclub Pulse. I was in complete shock and dismay of what this person has done. He has taken so many lives and hurt so many. I do not understand what someone gets out of from doing these radical ignorant things. My heart bleeds for the victims and their families. We need better protection in our free country. One thing that we need is stricter gun laws. If someone has been interrogated by any federal agency and was placed on the no fly list, they should be marked and not allowed to purchase these weapons, even if they are removed from these lists. To all my brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ community, I am praying with you just like everyone else worldwide is. I pray that things like this never happens again.

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Transgender Issues Today

Today there is a rising issue regarding the Transgender community that is repulsive. Several states have issued even more discriminating laws aimed towards the Trans community and of what restrooms that they are allowed to use. These discriminatory laws state that you are only allowed to use the restrooms that your born gender identity identifies with. I believe that if you identify as a Male or Female you should be able to use the restroom that you identify with. for decades, Trans people have used the bathrooms that they identified with without any repercussions up until now. They believe that allowing trans people into the bathroom that they are allowing child molesters and other pedophiles into the restrooms to create more victims. This is so untrue and unrealistic. The United States Department of Justice has recently filed a lawsuit against the state of North Carolina over their new discriminatory transgendered laws as they violate federal discrimination laws and the american civil rights laws. I stand behind the United States Attorney General’s right to file this lawful lawsuit against this state. The one thing that just disturbs be is why they (North Carolina) would all of a sudden write the new legislative law and enforce immediately when all of transgendered people have been using these restrooms for decades and then all of a sudden they want to make it illegal. There is something wrong with the minds of the legislators and governor of North Carolina. In my personal opinion these uneducated individuals are incompetent and need some more education. Yes, I don’t have the education that they may have, but I can say that I have more common sense and a better education than they do. I’m not racist or discriminate and have a whole lot better values than these incompetents.

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Donald Trump & Equality

When it comes to moving equality forward Donald J. Trump is the worst candidate possible on the face of the earth. He has done said he would repeal same-sex marriage his first in in the Oval Office as well as ACA also known as ObamaCare. If anyone has a fighting chance at being in office and making a real change it would be Hilary Clinton. I did have thoughts on Bernie Sanders, but with his ailing age, and chronic health issues, and this stress the office puts on you I don’t believe he would survive his first term of office and his predecessor would have to take over and that could be a tabernacle of a scene so call it one. So my overall opinion for a condidate would definitely have to be the Democratic Hilary Clinton!

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Well you know, some elections are coming up real soon (mine today) and I can’t wait to get to the polls and cast my vote for the next President of the United States. I don’t really get into politics with that many people because of the their views and who they support and my views and of who I support. As most of you know from the title of my blog, I am a Democrat 100%. I wouldn’t change that for anything. I love the beliefs that I have and share with other Democrats. Right now there are 2 Democrats running that are trying to make it on the Primary in November 2016 and I had mixed emotions of who I wanted to vote for, either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, as they both share a lot of the same views of each other. I have made my decision about a week ago of who I am going to vote for. After carefully considering and even volunteering for one of the candidates I am voting for Mrs. Hillary Clinton. Our future is with Hillary, she is the one the will move our country the way that it should be moved towards. I have been volunteering for the past week for Hillary, calling the American people to urge them to go out and vote.


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Homophobia is still one phobia that is vastly looked upon. Homophobics are still trying to state the homosexuality is still a choice of the human race. I can attest from my point of being a homosexual that it is not a choice. 

Then there is another thing that gets on my nerves. People who say they don’t care that you are gay, bi, trans, etc. But yet they don’t approve of same-sex marriage. They tell me they have no homophobic characterics in their body, but yet I’m my opinion they do when they object to samesex marriage. 

I can say that we have come a long way in getting equal rights and treatments in our country and other countries worldwide. The fight isn’t over yet. In fact it has just begun. We still have a long way to go to make sure everyone has the same equal rights as the heterosexuals (opposite sex relationships) do. 

There has been one movie/documentary that I have enjoyed since its release and shared and talked about on many occasions with family & friends, and it’s “Bridegroom“. If you still haven’t seen it, make sure to check it out on Netflix, and other streaming services worldwide.

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Coming Out

A lot of people still today don’t know about my sexual orientation. I don’t like to broadcast it either. I believe that it is my personal life and if I wanted to broadcast it I would in a dramatic way. But I haven’t done that and have no intentions on doing that. The one reason that I am doing this like this, is because I feel like I need to let people know. I’m not the one that’s going to be all flamboyant about it either. I’m not the one to be all flamboyant. I am more on the straight acting side all though I do have some feminine qualities, such as my clothing, must match and be in style. A lot of people call it a “Life-Choice” or “Lifestyle”. That is one thing that gets under my skin. It isn’t a lifestyle or life-choice. Being gay isn’t a choice. It is just who you are and you shouldn’t be afraid to show who you truly are. Yes, being gay, is still hard for some people, due to the criticism and bullying. I have had my share of bullying and criticism in my life and still have it at times. I feel that if they want to criticize and/or bully you, you don’t need them in your life. I knew I was gay when I was about 8 or 9 years old when I had my first experience with a boy. It was with my best friend at the time and we stayed friends and in my opinion are still friends. We don’t talk to each other though as he has moved and moved a distance away and we don’t have each other’s numbers either. He does come to town every once in a while and we do hang out and chat and catch up on what’s going on. When growing up, you didn’t hear the word “gay” unless someone was being derogatory towards someone from using that word. Now, today you hear it all the time and most of the time it is in good terms instead of derogatory.

I have posted another article on my family website, with more details titled “Coming Out”. You can check that article out here.


Love Conquers Hate

Since the recent ruling within the Supreme Court of The United States of America over marriage equality there has been a lot of opposition that I have heard through various channels, including social media and through words of mouth. The total of this post is just what it means. 

Love will conquer Hate.

Love is a powerful emotion that everyone carries within themselves. This marriage equality isn’t the last thing that the LGBT community will have to deal with it. Now the next hurdle that we Americans will have to fight for is FULL EQUALITY. Right now there is legislation within congress to protect LGBT citizens from being discriminated even further. Right your employer can terminate you for your place of employment for simply being gay. That is just simply unjust. 

We have to stand together and support this act that is in legislation and contact our legislators to vote yes on the Equality Act

We will continue to fight for our rights and and end to discrimination.

If you support equality as I do and my family contact your legislators today and let them know you want them to vote yes on Equality. Also while your at it, why not become a member of The Human Rights Campaign – HRC.