Well the elecoral college was able to select our new president and commander in chief, Donald J Trump. The one that only has values that will benefit himself and the other billionaires nationwide. He has no respect for the middle class, poor, elderly, disabled, or the LGBT community. We as minorities, must stand together and … Continue reading #DumpTrump


Orlando 😢

When hearing about the nation's largest shooting massacre in Orlando at the gay nightclub Pulse. I was in complete shock and dismay of what this person has done. He has taken so many lives and hurt so many. I do not understand what someone gets out of from doing these radical ignorant things. My heart … Continue reading Orlando 😢

Transgender Issues Today

Today there is a rising issue regarding the Transgender community that is repulsive. Several states have issued even more discriminating laws aimed towards the Trans community and of what restrooms that they are allowed to use. These discriminatory laws state that you are only allowed to use the restrooms that your born gender identity identifies with. … Continue reading Transgender Issues Today

Donald Trump & Equality

When it comes to moving equality forward Donald J. Trump is the worst candidate possible on the face of the earth. He has done said he would repeal same-sex marriage his first in in the Oval Office as well as ACA also known as ObamaCare. If anyone has a fighting chance at being in office and … Continue reading Donald Trump & Equality


Right now there are 2 Democrats running that are trying to make it on the Primary in November 2016 and I had mixed emotions of who I wanted to vote for, either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, as they both share a lot of the same views of each other. I have made my decision....


Homophobia is still one phobia that is vastly looked upon. Homophobics are still trying to state the homosexuality is still a choice of the human race. I can attest from my point of being a homosexual that it is not a choice.  Then there is another thing that gets on my nerves. People who say … Continue reading Homophobia 

Coming Out

A lot of people still today don't know about my sexual orientation. I don't like to broadcast it either. I believe that it is my personal life and if I wanted to broadcast it I would in a dramatic way. But I haven't done that and have no intentions on doing that. The one reason … Continue reading Coming Out