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Adult Protective Services

Well on February 07, 2018 of this year I had to go and talk to mine and my mothers primary care provider about elder abuse. My elder brother and his girlfriend that lives with us, has started abusing my mother verbally and threatened with physical abuse. They had shut the heat off (as its 20 degrees outside) and informed my mother and the other elder that lives with us that I take care of that no one is to use the water nor will there be any heat and that if someone touches the thermostat that she (Tonya) will break their fingers.

I had no choice and didn’t know what else to do, So I went to our primary provider as I know she is a mandated reporter for suspected elder abuse. I informed her of what was going on and she advised me that she has had enough and that she would be making the report for Adult Protective Services to come in and investigate. About an hour later Nancy from APS called me and informed me that she would be on her way to do a surprise visit and to not let anyone in the house know that she was on the way.

After Nancy arrived she noticed for herself that the thermostat was shut off and the temperature in the house was 65 degrees and she became even more concern. After she made a comment to my mom about the temperature in the house, Tonya decided to state that we could access the heat and turn it on and that she had no problems. Tonya had an incling that I had turned her into elder services and informed me that I can’t turn her in for elder abuse. Well I got news for her, I didn’t have to as out primary did.

The heat ended up getting turned back on and permission was given for us to use the water. They (Lawrence & Tonya) was also informed that they can not retaliate against any of us and that if they did, there would be criminal charges filed against them.

Nancy called me the following day for a check up on everything since her visit and I told her everything was ok so far. She then wanted to speak to my mother for confirmation and mom told her the same. If it wasn’t for Adult Protective Services and our Primary Provider I don’t know what where we would be at this point and I thank them for the assistance and much gratitude for what they do to help their patients and the elderly.

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Friendships is one thing that I pride myself on. There is one friendship that I don’t have and I wish that I did have and miss. That was one friend that I could always go to when I had a problem and no one would ever listen to me when I needed someone to listen but he would. Yes there are things that he done/does that I don’t approve of, but no matter what I will always be there for him no matter what anybody says because that is what friendships are about.

I get told on a daily basis that this wasn’t a friendship or anything. It was just him using me to get whatever he needed or wanted. But you know what if that’s what it was, then it was, I don’t really care. I haven’t heard from him since around my birthday when I got out of jail and seen him in Casey’s and exchanged a few texts. Then I got a new phone and number and I lost his number.

This is one friendship that I wish I still had and wouldn’t change anything about the friendship that we had. We grew up together and were like brothers. I constantly hear negative things about him or what he is doing or has done but, that is something that I don’t believe. People say I don’t believe because I don’t want to believe it. That’s far from the truth, it’s not that I don’t want to believe, it’s I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!

I don’t trust my life with anyone really even my own mother, but I trust my life with him. There are only two people I trust my life with and that’s him and my other best friend. Sometimes I just want to see how he’s doing, hell with the sometimes, I wanna know all the time, because I worry about him. People don’t understand what I see in him, well I see a friend, someone that’s been hurt (several times), someone that needs a friend (a true friend).

They always say, friends come and go. Well you know what that may be true, but this is one friend never goes. I always wonder how he is and if he’s ok. I wrote him in prison and worried about him when he was in prison. Yea me may not look like that person I used to know, but looks aren’t anything, it’s what’s inside that matters and that never changes. He will always have a good heart and help whoever he can when he can as he did for me on several occasions.

I do know I would’ve pissed a lot of people off if I would’ve had to have surgery on my knee. Because that’s one person I would want there because he would be the one to push me to get better and to not be a pussy about it.

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Pulled one Over?

Well some people think that they pulled on over on me? Well I got news for them they didn’t get shit pulled over over me. They tried to change my cable plan and services that I received from the cable company and guess what I got the services back that I originally had and even had them removed from the account as an authorized person on the account that I never even authorized. Hell I even put a pin on the account so that this shit can’t happen again and no one can call in and make changes to the account or even talk to a representative about my account. I never thought that I would ever have to do anything so drastic like this, but I guess, I have to. So its time to call all of the companies I deal with and put passwords on the accounts so no one can make account changes on my services. Try pulling another one on me again and make excuses cuz it isn’t gonna work.

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Dear Your Name:

This is hard to say to you, but I’ll say something a little easier. I want to thank you for always being a friend that anyone could ask for and always being there for me when I needed someone especially when I attempted suicide because I thought I had no one in my life. I don’t know what I would do without having you as a friend in my life. I will always be there for you when you need something and always will be.

Now here comes that hard part. I’ve always handed out to you and never get anything in return back. We make arrangements on how to give back and it never happens. You always end up wanting to change the arrangement to something that better suits you. I’m not trying to complain even though that is what it sounds like. Whenever I have the cash I always hand out to you and never ask for anything in return, and when I do ask for something in return, you say ok that fine we can do that and then it never happens and then you completely change it to something else that benefits you as always.

Sometimes, I just wish I never handed out to you but I have the biggest heart and can’t say no. But you have no difficulty of saying no to me. I am going to start being just like you and not give 2 fucks who I hurt and when I do it. This is the hardest thing ever after everything that we’ve been through together but I have to start somewhere and this is where I’m going to start.

I don’t want this to stop our friendship but this is just how I am currently feeling.


Joshua C.