Moving Day

Well, while I was at probation this morning, I guess it became moving day officially. I get back into town and Lawrence is here with Levi and they had just finished packing their shit. Instead of me stopping, I went to the dollar store to get something. I come back from the dollar store and guess what, their gone no one is here but mom and Rat. 

With this moving day, it gave me the opportunity to get some major housework done around the house. I was able to get most of the kitchen cleaned, and now I have the walls to wash and then the kitchen will be all done. Next will be their bedroom, and making sure it is spotless and then moving Rat into that room and getting him all set up so he don’t have to keep sleeping in the living room. 

Also today, I was able to go outside and do some yard work and that felt amazing as it was nice outside. I’m glad I got what I done done as it started to rain. I ended up getting all this done by 2 in the afternoon. 

I ended up laying down to take a nap, and got up around 5 this evening and to my surprise their back, but sitting in the car as its pouring outside and sat out there for over an hour that I know of. While they were outside sitting in the rain, I was able to get supper fixed for me, mom, rat, and my niece. I ended up making sausage gravy and biscuits for supper and to top it off it was all made from scratch, none of that processed canned shit.