Giving Back 2018

Well I can say that I have already begun my beginning for the year. After Christmas my aunts house caught fire and was deemed inhabitable. While she was living there, she was also taking care of her Aunt and had her living with her. After the fire it left them and Aunt Starla’s family homeless. Aunt Starla has been staying at a motel with her husband thanks to the generosity of The American Red Iroquois County Chapter. She wasn’t able to bring her Aunt with her to the motel and therefore the only option available that they had was a nursing home for her until they can find another house. Well I asked her if she just wanted to have her stay here with my and my family and I take care of her she was ecstatic and said yes and please. So for the past week I have been graciously taking care of her along with my mothers help. Not only do I take care of my mother throughout the year I also take care of another gentlemen that lives with me as his health concerns are deplorable as well. I can say that my 2018 was crap but it has enlightened me to do more and help others as often as I can. I know that I will be rewarded in the end for the good that I am doing and trying to do and continue to do. This may seem like a small task given to me, but god knows my limits and he pushes them to make me a better person. God will reward me when he believes it is time for me to reep in the rewards that he offers to his disciples.

May GOD bless myself, family, friends, and strangers I have never met.