Government Issues

Well some time ago (about 5 months) a county employee went to her superior, County Chairman, and committee chairman, to bring light of irregularities going on Animal Control with the Administrator. Since then, the county employee has been verbally harrassed, humiliated, and wrongfully terminated. When the employee made the call to contact the superiors of the Administrator, nothing was done. Since her allegations, she was recently fired because she refused to sign a contract to work for the county. There is confusion within this county government whether she was at-will employee or a contracted employee as there are different policies set up for each defination, at-will employees, have a policy with several procedures in place before termination, and a contracted employer don’t have these luxuries their just terminated. After employee refused to sign the contract and said she was being relieved of her duties effective immediately due to poor job performance. Since the employee has been terminated the county has come together as one to support our animal control warden. The committee in which is in charge of Animal Control wasn’t too thrilled to find out that this was getting public attention, so now the committee is trying to sweep it under the rug as usual with Iroquois County. Chairman of the board has recommended that the tax committee refrain from the invesitigation into allegations as it pertains to board members on that committee. Tax Chair seemed to be refusing to take the recommendation from the FULL county board. Also, the county is in the dog house so to speak, as some board members done research in support of the warden, and it shows that Iroquois County is breaking the law of a state statute, as Iroquois County DOES NOT have a license to operate, which is a misdeamor offense with a fine of up to $500.00 per day they are in violation, but according to our esteemed state’s attorney is says that the state statute defines it as the administrator and/or vet in charge has a state license in which he does. But this wouldn’t be the first time that the state’s attorney has failed Iroquois County from corruption as Edgar County Watchdogs has reveiled that, in several of their posts. Not only we are illegal without the license we don’t officially have an administrator for the county as per county policy, the animal control administrator must be appointed by the board and for a period of 2 years. State’s attorney advises that since he was still being paid for these services he provides, he is still in fact the administrator, but the county needs to reappointment or appoint someone else as soon as possible. So has there been anything done about any of this, of course not, it’ll be tabled on the next county board meeting and the next tax committee meeting.

The county wants us residents to forget about it and then it’ll all be done and overwith and it can be swept under the rug once again. WCIA 3 Channel 3, The Times RepublicWGFA Radio, & The Daily Journal has been keeping the public informed and keeping Iroquois County transparent as any government agency is supposed to be.

The one good thing that has happened to the county out of this meeting.  After several attempts to change the monthly board meetings to an evening time to allow more/all board members to the meetings and the general public will be able to attend and see what the county is keeping from us if official. Starting in January 2018 board meetings will start at 6:00pm. There was opposition from this being changed once again. They pretty much said they only want the public to attend the meeting and take time out of their working schedule to bring it to the boards attention, other than that they don’t want the public informed of whats going on.

You can view the video recording of this full county board meeting here, tax committee meeting here and other board meetings and committee meetings here.

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Iroquois County Board Member & Tax Committee Chairman Marvin Stichnoth interviewed by WCIA 3 News