Short Term Goals

I’ve been told recently that I need to set some goals for my life and that I need to set some short term goals first and then some long term goals. Well, I have set one short term goal already and that is getting my GED. I am going to be getting my GED soon. I have already spoken to my Community College and they have placed me on their calendar where I can take the classes online with them. They are going to be calling me the first couple weeks of July 2017 so that I can go to the college and take the placement tests to see if I qualify for the online classes. They want to make sure that I am able to read at the 8th/9th grade level, in which I know I can.

Once I get done with the classes I am going to take the tests and am hoping that I pass them with college honors or college credit minimally so I don’t have to take any prerequisite college courses before attending college. But you know what if I have to take some prerequisite college courses that’s fine with me. As college is something else that I want to do and is another goal of mine, but that is a long term goal for me.

I love being able to learn and find out interesting facts. Education is one of the most powerful weapons that we have, and I intend to continue to use my education and pursue an education. People ask me when I do attend college when I am going to major in. That is something that I am not completely decided on yet. I have several interests that I love and have a passion for. There are some that I can’t do but would love to do but that’s ok though. When I get to that stage in my life where I am officially enrolled in college that is when I will have made my decision of what I want to major and minor in.