As some people may know I didn’t complete high school and was supposed to be the class of 2008. I have attempted on getting my GED in the past by going to the classes that they offer here and then just up and quit the classes and said the hell with it.

Well I am going to attempt it once again so that I can pursue something for myself and make something of myself. I have contacted my community college in my area that offers the GED classes and the testing about studying online as they offer online studying. As I believe that the online studying will be more beneficial for myself.

I am tired of being in a slump and just being idol and not moving forward. Not only have I taken the step to furthering my education, I am trying to get a job/career. I have submitted my resume and experiences to several temp agencies around me and submitted applications to companies individually so that I can hopefully get a job and possibly turn it into a career and make something of myself and be able to provide for myself and move on with my life.

I was told that I needed to create some goals for myself and the first basic goals that I have for myself are to get an education and get a career. I am 28 years old and don’t have anything to show for in my life or anything and that is something that I need to change and want to change. If I don’t start now, I won’t have anything later in life when I need it desperately.

So here’s to looking up and making changes to my life.