Presidential Race 2020

Three reasons to be a Democrat!

Three Core Values

  1. Dignity
  2. Thinking Big (It don’t take a long time to do great things.)
  3. Optimism

There are several Democrats considering potential runs President in 2020 and a couple of them are Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, and there are hints of Former Vice President Joe Biden.

These are some hard choices between these three amazing people on who to endorse should they all decide to run and as they all have great cores and values that this great nation needs and deserves.

With the current administration that we have the great cores and and values we need and deserve we won’t get and of the ones we have will be eliminated. The current administrations has already promised to slash the supreme court Roe vs Wade, eliminate LGBT+ rights, and so many more supreme court rulings.

We have to ban together as a nation as the people of this great nation and let the administration know we will not stand for this and demand that we have a fair country like we have had in the past.

It is pretty bad when the President didn’t even go to the White House Correspondents Dinner this year instead he went to a NRA rally. He is the first president in history since 1983 to break Presidential Tradition. On top of this, his approval ratings among his own voters and party has went down 25% and they have went to the democratic party.