Emergency Room

Well I ended up going to the emergency room tonight for my knee as I couldn’t bear the pain anymore in it as it just kept getting worse and the pain in this knee I have been able to deal with for quite sometime until now. I ended up having to have some xrays done on it and they found out that there is fluid on my knee, which doesn’t surprise me much as I’ve had that several times before. So while in the emergency room, the doctor had radiology come in and schedule me for an MRI on my knee so now I have to go on Monday and have an MRI done to it see what other damage if any there is on my knee. I’m praying that I don’t have to have surgery on it but from the emergency room doctors medical opinion, he said that I need to have surgery on it. So we will find out soon. So the doctor gave me a brace to wear on my leg for support on my knee which helps but is aggravating as hell as I can’t even drive if I wanted to unless I take the damn thing off. As long as I’m awake and doing things I have to wear it and let me tell ya I am and it is uncomfortable from hell and can’t sit anywhere comfortable with it on as I can’t bend my leg. But I guess it’s best so that I don’t damage my knee and make it worse. So heres to damaging my knee and getting it fixed so that I can be back to working order.