Well the elecoral college was able to select our new president and commander in chief, Donald J Trump. The one that only has values that will benefit himself and the other billionaires nationwide. He has no respect for the middle class, poor, elderly, disabled, or the LGBT community. We as minorities, must stand together and show that we will not tolerate the indifferences that he is and will bring to the table. We Americans agree we want America Great Again, but that won’t happen unless we stand together and let him know we won’t tolerate any of his bullshit that he is bringing and brought. We can not only stand up against him, must also stand up to our Vice President elect Pence as he is just as cruel and discriminatory as the president-elect. 

With recent news, the popular votes are being tallied and will decide if we have Donald J Trump as our president or if Hilary Clinton will be the president . With the current standings, Hilary has won the popular votes and that will allow the electoral voters to change their votes to Hilary. We can only hope and pray that the electoral voters will change their vote for the better of our Nation and to continue to make progress instead of going back and starting over. 

However, one good thing that has come with this election, president-elect can not repeal same sex marriage as that has been set in stone permanently and President Obama has secured Planned Parenthood and that can’t be dismantled either. So those are a couple of accomplishments that can’t be taken away from us Americans. 

I believe that the popular vote will win and prove that Hilary is the rightful commander-in-chief. With all of the protests and walk outs being displayed across the nation and the world, I believe that electoral voters will change their votes to better our government. I am with Hilary and always will be. So stand clear of 99% that wants to protect our nation and keep our nation secure and keep Americans from being feared of what will happen with president-elect. 

So do your part as I am, and stand with the rightful leader of our country, Hilary Clinton!