I love how I am told that I’m addicted to drugs when I have done them a couple times a week for a couple weeks. I love when people tell me that I can’t stop on my own will but yet, I haven’t been high in 8 days nor do I have the urge to get high. I love when people accuse me of shit when they don’t even know me or what I can do. Yes I’ve done drugs in my life and no I haven’t ever been addicted to them as I have quit and never had the urge to do them again. I also love it when people say I’m an addict when I say I’m not. Usually that is how it works with people but I can honestly say that I am no addict to any drugs. I like to live life to the fullest that I can. And if the one drug kills me then I know I lived my life to the fullest that I could ever have done. There are drugs that I have never done and would never attempt to do them because I know what they can do to people and what they have done to people. Some of the drugs out there aren’t worth doing and loosing your life over doing them. The hardest drug that I have ever done was meth because I wanted a different high and everyone that I talked to said it was the best high that they have ever done. So yea of course I wanted to try it and I did. Did I love it, no, but I did like it. Since I like it does it mean I’m going to continue to do it no. I am not going to risk it anymore. If I was going to risk something in my life over anything it would be my life as I have before but I’m not that dumb. 

Another reason why I tried meth was because of the weight loss it can cause you to have. I have a vanity issue when it comes to my looks. Yes I have tried everything to loose the weight and be at my target goal but it never worked and I let it work for quite awhile. So I decided to do something unconventional and then get get told that’s obsurd to being doing this drug to loose weight. Well if you would put your feet in my shoes you would too. I can’t even look in the mirror 99% of the time because I don’t like the way I look. So yes I done something to help with my weight loss. 

Another thing that gets on my last nerve is when I tell people that I have attempted suicide and then their response is I’m using that as an excuse to get out of things when I’m not. I love it how people can judge me and not know me. That’s the best part of life, getting judged for something and they don’t even know what their talking about.