Pissed Off

I love how people accuse me of some complete bullshit when I have had nothing to do with it completely. I get told that I’ve been acting wierd as fuck the past couple days and some other shit. I got news for ya, I haven’t been acting wierd or anything, if anyone has been it has been you. You say one thing and 5 minutes later you do the exact opposite. You say your not going to do something ever again and then do it again. You say that I’m the liar and that you have caught me in several different lies, well you know what I have you caught you in more lies that I have ever seen anyone tell.

Today you text me being a complete asshole, and saying that you bm is texting you wanting to know why im telling everyone we’re lovers and that you are 1000% for sure that I’m the one telling this. Well I got news for ya I haven’t told anyone shit and I’m getting tired of being accused of something that I didn’t fucking do. You can’t take any jokes at all because you get so offensive. Everyone that I talk to and hang out with can joke and take jokes over anything. I say that I just won’t talk anymore and you get even more pissed off/irritated. Well you know what I have been the one that has been getting irritated from hell from all of the lies that you have told and not just to me. If we were “lovers” then why in the hell am I trying to hook you up with someone and telling them how great a person you are. But what do I know, absolutely nothing I guess.

Then you get bent out of shape because of a facebook status, about me of me wanting to commit myself back into the hospital. Here lately everyone has been pissing me off, but I’ve been holding it in and defending everything that has been said. But yet, I’m the one thats being sketchy as fuck and acting wierd. But what the fuck do I know, apparently nothing.