Father’s Day

Well today is Father’s Day. To me anymore Father’s Day is just another day. It has nothing special for me at all. I see on Facebook everyone wishing their fathers either alive or in heaven, a happy fathers day. I can say that I don’t wish my father a happy father’s day as he isn’t in my life or a part of it. Yes there are times that I wish that he was, but most of the time I am glad that he isn’t because he was never a father to me just to my other brothers. The only person that was a father to me, was my brother Lawrence. But nowadays he don’t even act like it anymore. He wonders why I can’t get along with him most of the time and thats the main reason. He keeps throwing it in my face that he raised me and everything, but that’s all changed. He’s more of a father to other peoples kids anymore than what he is to me.

To me Father’s Day is just another depressing day of the year, so I don’t even acknowledge it. Theres no point in celebrating it, in my opinion as I don’t have a father or father like figure in my life like I used to when I was growing up or in my teen years. So here’s to another depressing holiday.