No TennesseeĀ 

Well today I found out that I won’t be permitted to attend my family reunion in Tennessee thanks to the Interstate Compact Act! They denied my request for travel to Tennessee for a week because I am mentally unstable!? How the hell do think I’m unstable and for that, how do they even know me?! They don’t know me! They saying because of my recent suicide attempt, that I am mentally unstable and can not go! Well you know I’ve been on medication and I feel better and am more stable than I have ever been. So there goes to seeing my family and family that I won’t get to see next year either. 

What pisses me off the most, Greg, my probation officer, had the balls to tell me that he believes and thinks that my most recent attempt to commit suicide was to get attention and that was it. All because I told/text people goodbye. Isn’t that part of a suicide note?! I thought so, so how am I trying to get attention? I honestly don’t understand people anymore. If I do something it’s wrong, then if I do something else it’s because I’m trying to get attention. You know what if I wanted that much attention, I sure in the hell wouldn’t try to commit suicide. That’s one of the stupidest things I have ever heard; using suicide to get attention. 

So here’s to staying home, out $500.00, and totally fucked. Do people not understand that by being able to this, it would allow me to relieve stress, see a new perspective on life?! Apparently not!