Well this past past Wednesday June 01, 2016, I attempted to take my own life by choice medication of all of my sleeping medication I had prescribed to due to my chronic insomnia and my all 100 pills of my chronic migraine medication tablets as well. All of my family members that were around wanted to all the ems but I wouldn’t allow and informed them that if they did I would refuse the treatment as I was still in my my right mind and I had that right due to state health regulations. I eventually started to decline in health and I ended up calling 911 myself (mind you I don’t remember none of it) trying to get ahold of the local crisis hotline and our 911 dispatch sent our local cop to our place and he talked to mea great guy and cop and then our amazing neighbor la rushed over and their emts didn’t even go to the station first they just run over to my place to take care of. It shows that I was care for by many that I didn’t even know care about me the ones I thought were in it for just the paycheck. My amazing brother Nick was there with me every step of the way from me getting transported from my house to the hospital up until I got transported to the hospital in Champaign. I don’t know what I would do without that man in my life he has always be there for me in all my ups and downs and I’ve always been there for him. I regret him ever seeing me like this in my worst state ever of my life.

And Pam she was there for me as well. As soon as I texted her and Buddy they both were coming in my back door like as fast as I had just it the send button on my iPhone it seemed like.

 That was something that he or anyone shouldn’t have ever seen and I apologize for everyone seeing and I will try to do better for myself and everyone else the best that I can. If I hurt you, I am sorry.

Always remember there are people out there love love you no matter what no matter what. I didn’t know it until now when this happened! I love you all no matter what has happened in your life!