Doctor’s Appointments

Well I can say that my schedule is pretty full of doctors appointments and their not for me. Their for my mom. I had to take my mom the other day to see an endocrinologist because she has some nodules on her thyroid that out primary was concerned with. Well we met with the doctor and our next plan of action is to have a biopsy done on 2 of her nodules and have the samples sent to a pathologist to find out if its cancerous. I am hoping and praying that it is benign. If there is signs of it being positive for cancer, I don’t know what the next steps will be. Which I think if it is cancerous, we will have to do Chemo or radiation or both to treat it. I pray that it isn’t cancer. I haven’t felt that well since going to this doctor appointment after hearing that he wants to do a biopsy as I don’t know what to do if she has cancer besides having to have treatments done or surgery. People don’t know it, but I am worried as hell about. I don’t like the word cancer as cancer does run in my family and has also affected a lot of my friends.


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