Well you know, some elections are coming up real soon (mine today) and I can’t wait to get to the polls and cast my vote for the next President of the United States. I don’t really get into politics with that many people because of the their views and who they support and my views and of who I support. As most of you know from the title of my blog, I am a Democrat 100%. I wouldn’t change that for anything. I love the beliefs that I have and share with other Democrats. Right now there are 2 Democrats running that are trying to make it on the Primary in November 2016 and I had mixed emotions of who I wanted to vote for, either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, as they both share a lot of the same views of each other. I have made my decision about a week ago of who I am going to vote for. After carefully considering and even volunteering for one of the candidates I am voting for Mrs. Hillary Clinton. Our future is with Hillary, she is the one the will move our country the way that it should be moved towards. I have been volunteering for the past week for Hillary, calling the American people to urge them to go out and vote.