Meeting People

I can say that I am a very shy person, so when it comes to meeting people, it is something that is hard for me to do. I sometimes schedule the meet up/hookup and then cancel it because of my shyness. I don’t have issues with talking to them via text message. One thing that I do not like to do is talk on the phone. If you want me just text me you’ll get a better response out of me by texting me than you will by calling me. 99% of the time when you call me, I will either ignore the phone call or press the F-U button and send you to voicemail.

I don’t meet anyone at my house for my safety and everyone else’s safety that I live with. I will meet you somewhere else instead of my place. Once I get to know you better I will meet you at my place but until then I ain’t meeting anyone at my house.

I went out the other night with someone I met, and heard all kinds of shit from my family over it. I didn’t take my car, we took their car, and went out to the movies and had dinner and hung out until bout 4 in the morning. They didn’t like the fact that I didn’t take my car. But you know what, I have faith in humanity and I have other means to get home if they would’ve just up and left me somewhere. I knew the city we were in and I had my phone as well as some cash if I needed. I do take my safety into consideration but how else are you supposed to meet other people if you can’t have trust in someone. You need to have some form of trust when meeting someone new.


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