Fuck You!

You know what people get pissed when I post things here on my site about how I feel, whats going on in my life and the etc. Well you know what you “haters” can get the fuck over it. This is my platform on how I want/need to express things. Yes at times it is unconventional but my resource on how to relieve my stress and anger and frustrations from either being used, lied to, or treated like shit.

One person, I’m not going to mention names, gets pissed at me for posting things on the web (MY SITE) about how I feel and I don’t care anymore. I don’t use names so that their not being implicated or anything I keep their names private for their privacy as I keep a lot of things in my life private and don’t post them on here.

One of the main reasons that these people/persons don’t like that I post these things is because I am telling the truth and exposing it. Well you know what if YOU don’t want me to post these things, then DON’T lie to me, abuse me, treat me like shit, etc.

I am tired of always being the nice guy that will do anything for anyone and then when I need something they just simply ignore you.

Example, I text a specific person about something (anything) and they just simply ignore me about the subject of what ever the text is. But when I “ignore” them they get pissed at me. Well you know what two people can play that game and you don’t like it when others do the same thing to you. If you don’t like it get the fuck over it.

Another thing that pissed me the fuck off is, that people know I can not stand talking on the fucking phone, I prefer to text over anything because then I express it better via a text than a phone call. If you need me or something just text me it’s not that hard to do but apparently it is hard to do for you.


Not trying to be an asshole of whatever you want to call it, but just tired of being lied to and everything. Get told one thing and then get told something else and then nothing ever happens. I can ask for something thats due and then get no response, instead I get asked to do something for them. Yes I have been amazingly nice and everything but I’m to the point I don’t know what to do anymore. It don’t pertain to anyone specific these screen grabs are just an example.


So sorry if I piss you off by posting this but your a big boy/girl you can get over it. I have to all the time.