Being Sick

One of the worst days of my life has just happened to me. I have been in bed all day from being sick, from having a runny nose, a fever, and a massive cold. I haven’t taken anything for it as i don’t like taking medications and you can even ask my healthcare provider that one as she keeps bitching at me for not remembering to take my medications. People today think that I have been ignoring them in reality I haven’t been. I have literally been in bed all day and slept. I just wish people would understand that when I’m sick I do not want to do anything and won’t do anything. Days like these I despise of because I just don’t want to do anything and I am always on the go and never stop. But when your sick you have to be able to take time for yourself so that you can get better so that you are able to help others in your right capacities, that’s the one thing that I wish people would comprehend and understand. I am sick and I do not want to do anything. I knew that today was going to be a shitty as day as yesterday started with the runny nose, and usually after that the next day I am running a fever, have cold chills and have to sleep with a heating pad to keep warm. I love my heating pad I have as it has a safety feature of of only being on for 40 minutes and then shuts off, so I don’t have to worry about getting burned from it. So hopefully I am going to start getting better by tomorrow as I hate being sick. I had a lot of plans on my itinerary for today from cleaning my as it was a beautiful day out I’ve been told to cleaning the house and rearranging my room. Hopefully I can get most of the done tomorrow as that will be one less thing that I have to worry about.