27th Birthday :(

Well I can say that my 27th birthday just sucked from hell. I can say honestly say I didn’t even wake up to any birthday texts or voicemails nor have a missed phone call like I always do every year. I didn’t get my first happy birthday call until my grandma called me at 4:30 in the afternoon and she sang to me on the phone, which made my day even better. I didn’t get to do any of my plans that I made everyone aware of. As I keep getting older, I keep dreading the day I turn 30. So this year I wanted to just stay home in bed and chill and enjoy some Netflix to myself but that didn’t get to happen. I ended up having to run people around and do errands and shit knowing I had plans as it was my birthday but I guess that doesn’t matter anymore. I got to do it last year and the years before I went out and partied.

I didn’t even get anything for my birthday from anyone as usual except from my amazing and wonderful mother. She paid for my car’s oil change and complete check up at my local Ford dealership where I bought my car and then she wanted to take me out to dinner for but I told her what she done already was enough and I didn’t need anything else. I can honestly say that my mom made my birthday simply amazing and don’t know what I would do without her.