You know I used to love being able to just sit back and pick up a book and read and enjoy it but the past few years I haven’t been able to. I’ve gotten bored with it and couldn’t keep up with it. If I didn’t finish the book when I started it, then I couldn’t remember it and would have to start from the beginning again and try to finish and that would never happen. Well I have attempted to start reading again, but since books are now easily accessible via our iPhones and iPads, I find it much more easier for me to pick up and read as I always have my iPhone and iPad with wherever I go, whether it be to the doctors office, hospital, or even to my grandmas to visit, so I will always have it with me so I can read and I actually have. Here lately I have recently bought a new book on Amazon Kindle title Teenage Idol by J. Merridew and so far it is amazingly great. I love being able to just pick up my iPhone or my iPad and just start reading as that is a neccesity that I always have with me and need with me at all times. So why not use these items for something good and educational as well besides just for fun.