Doctors Appts

Well yesterday I had to take my mom to Champaign to see the neurologist for a follow up from her brain bleed and everything came out great! The bleeding stopped and don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Then today I had to go to the doctor myself for a check up and to get some labs done that I needed to have done since October 2015 and kept forgetting. I ended up getting a tordal shot for my migraines as I have had one almost everyday in the past week and a half. My NP also gave me hell because I have not been taking my blood pressure medication or my migraine medication. So I have to start taking it regularly and remember to take it. She also told me that if my cholesterol levels are up that she is gonna be prescribing me even more medication, to get my cholesterol controlled. So here’s to a healthy 2016 and remembering to take all of my medication.