Homophobia is still one phobia that is vastly looked upon. Homophobics are still trying to state the homosexuality is still a choice of the human race. I can attest from my point of being a homosexual that it is not a choice. 

Then there is another thing that gets on my nerves. People who say they don’t care that you are gay, bi, trans, etc. But yet they don’t approve of same-sex marriage. They tell me they have no homophobic characterics in their body, but yet I’m my opinion they do when they object to samesex marriage. 

I can say that we have come a long way in getting equal rights and treatments in our country and other countries worldwide. The fight isn’t over yet. In fact it has just begun. We still have a long way to go to make sure everyone has the same equal rights as the heterosexuals (opposite sex relationships) do. 

There has been one movie/documentary that I have enjoyed since its release and shared and talked about on many occasions with family & friends, and it’s “Bridegroom“. If you still haven’t seen it, make sure to check it out on Netflix, and other streaming services worldwide.