I can say that after having my mother in the hospital for her brain bleed I have been severely stressed out to the max. I took her to the doctor today for her follow up from being discharged from the hospital and she will not modify any of her restrictions the neuro has put her on and said that neuro has to release her from the restrictions. Since taking her to the doctor today, she has really stressed me out today. She has been nauseous and has thrown up as well. And the doctors (neurosurgeons) advised me to bring her back to the hospital if she gets nauseous, starts vomiting, has headaches, ect and she is fighting me to go to the hospital and says it’s just the flu. Well I don’t wanna take any chances of it being worse than what it is. She is my rock and everything and don’t know what I would do without her. She just don’t understand how much I love her and will do anything in my power for her. She is my rock. I don’t want to loose her I’m just not ready too. But whether she likes it or not, when I’m done with my stuff I have to do tomorrow and she is still the same, I am taking her to the hospital and she can fight me all she wants. I just want to make sure everything is alright with her.