Day to Myself

I can say that today was a pretty good day for myself as I got to spend the day with my amazing Aunt Starla. We went and done some shopping together which we haven’t done in like forever and then I went to her place and didn’t get home until 1 in the morning.

There was one down fall for today, grandma ended up running a fever and I couldn’t be there to take her to the hospital or anything as when I’m in Cissna, I don’t have cell reception at all. I can barely receive any text messages and can’t receive any phone calls at all. I know I got people pissed at me because I wasn’t there, but what am I supposed to do, when I don’t have my vehicle, as I went with my aunt in her suburban. I tried texting and letting them know that I was home but got no response out of them. So I guess everything is alright now as they never responded back to me.