Something I Hate!

One of the things, I hate doing is asking people for things. When I ask people for things it makes me feel like a moocher/user, which I’m told by many people that I’m not. But that doesn’t change the way I feel on the subject. Like I can’t stand asking people if I can have a cigarette if I’m out and can’t get any or for gas money just to name a couple things. It makes my self worth even worse. I know if I’m ever in need of something all I have to do is ask and I usually get it, but I don’t like asking people for things and therefore I hardly ever ask people for things.

If there was one thing I could ask for and get, it would be a better life. The one that I currently have is just shit that needs terminated at times I feel like. I’ve had people come in my life and then just walk out of it or people ruining my life permanently. I wouldn’t wish this life on anybody as it is a shit hole life.