I love how your so-called friends are supposed to be there for you when you need them and they actually aren’t. Today my car ended up with a flat tire and I didn’t have all the things to change it so I call what I thought was my best friend for help and he just pretty much blew me off. I don’t know if he had the tools that were needed but he has every other tool known to man kind. If he didn’t want to help or didn’t have the tools he could’ve just said so but nope couldn’t do that. So my wonderful mother goes by hind my back and asks my ignorant brother if he could help me change it when I didn’t want to ask him cause I knew I would hear all kinds of bitching in which I did. One thing I’m told by him, is that’s what you get for buying a used vehicle. Well I got news for you dumbass that has nothing to do with having a flat fucking tire. So now eventually I got my tire changed and got a donut put on so now I have to go to Ford and get me a new tire as I don’t wanna drive anywhere on a donut as I don’t like them and plus it makes my car look like shit. So there went my thoughts that I had a best friend. I guess that’s what I get for thinking. Hell hrs the one that said if I ever need anything or help let him know and he’ll help me and that never happened.