People use cutting these days to relieve stress and frustration. I can say that there have been times in my life that I have cut for the exact reason. Yesterday was one of those days when I had the urge that I needed to cut to release my stress and frustration and after doing so, I have felt a lot better than I have in the past 6 months. I don’t condone this method for anyone. If you are feeling this depressed and down, it is best to seek immediate help from professionals. That’s what the professionals are there for, to help you so that you aren’t self-mutilating yourself. I don’t cut where it is visible to anyone so that they don’t see it and then ask me all kinds of bullshit questions as they already do.

There are times, that I feel like I don’t belong and that I’m just another pawn in a chess game that someone is going to get rid of. Cutting is my stress reliever at times when talking to people or medications don’t work for me. There are times that my bipolar disorder does act up and this happens. I hide my bipolar disorder very well from people and they don’t even know that I have issues. People say that your bipolar just don’t act up its there all the time. Well they are true to certain point. I hide my emotions to best of my abilities and there are times that I can’t hide them anymore. When I can’t hide them anymore, that is when my bipolar acts up. There are treatments for my mental illness, but I refuse to take the treatments as they are medications, and I get tired of having to take pills all of the time and then after I get used to them, they end up changing my meds again and then my body has to get readjusted to the new medications.