You know what? it gets tired as fuck to be accused of shit that you didn’t even fucking do. A couple of weeks ago I was accused of taking $20.00 from my best friend’s baby mama when I didn’t even do it. Why in the fuck would I need to take $20.00 when I need it all I have to do is just ask. Then today I get a text from my best friend telling me that if I don’t bring his mom’s EBT card back that she’s gonna call the police to get it back. Well I got news for you, I don’t have the mother fucker you had it last, when I told you where it was yesterday and you through a temper tantrum. I told my buddy that I was done and sick and tired of being accused of fucking shit that I had nothing to do with and didn’t do. People just like to point the blame at others when they don’t know what else to do. So I said fuck it and decided to just shut my phone off completely today and try to have a non-stressful day. My friend has the balls to tell me that if I don’t stop ignoring me he will come to my place, well where the fuck are ya, you never showed. I’m just sick and tired of being accused of shit I’m bout ready to say fuck it all and start cutting again and maybe I’ll nick the right artery this time. After the texts today I got, I shut my phone off, and crawled into my bed and just cried cause I was so hurt. I cried so much that I ended up crying myself to sleep and no one should ever have to do that in their life but I can say that I have and have done it several different times.