Another Amazing Lie

Well once again another fucking lie I get told. Told last night and promised and guarantee that this so-called ride would happen tonight due to “uncontrolled circumstances” that happened last night. And was told it would be anytime of my choice as long as it was before 10:30 tonight. Well I’ve mentioned it several times and asked when and get no fucking response as usual. I don’t know why I fall for all of their lies that they tell me. I guess I’m just to gullible. Currently is 9:50 at night and still haven’t went on this ride. Well what do you know another fucking lie. I gave him the benefit of the doubt last night and I guess I shouldn’t have. I’m just tired of being lied to all the time. Always get told, if you do this then I’ll do this and that never happens. So once again I always get screwed in the long run (not the way I like to be, haha).