Well I can say that I’m officially done being mr fucking nice guy. This is shit is getting to be complete fucking bullshit. “Oh, I’ll make it worth your while if you take me to the bar” is what I get told tonight. And then not a fucking thing and on top of that give you $20 so you can enjoy yourself at the bar. Well I’m done. I’m tired of being lied to and walked all over. It’s bullshit. What the fuck do you do for me, not a fucking thing! Then you say you love me ( like a bro) yeah what the fuck ever. If that’s the case you wouldn’t fucking make me sit around while you get your fucking dick wet. You need a ride home from the bar again or anything, call someone else cuz I’m done and not doing it. You wonder why I get pissed or aggravated or whatever, well there it is. I’m tired of the fucking lies and being walked all over. You don’t even understand how bad I want to deck the fuck out of you but don’t. I’m just tired of the bullshit and not gonna take anymore of it. I have a life too that I want to enjoy and I’m going to. You piss me off so bad that I just want to cry, and do sometimes. I’m tired of playing your games and not gonna play anymore. If you read this, there. I ain’t discussing this or anything anymore. I’m done discussing said my peace and ain’t listening.