Big Purchases

Recently I was able to make it to my local Ford Dealership and purchase me a new/used vehicle. My first major purchase of this kind in my entire life and it is completely paid for. I purchased me a 2004 Ford Taurus SES with only 91K miles on it and that just made my day. After making the purchase I was able to go to the DMV and get my license and now I can go and travel whenever I want not have to depend on anyone or even have to use UBER anymore and that just makes my day. After purchasing my car, I was also able to go and purchase my mom a new tv for her room, and she is already loving it. I got her a Vizio SmartTV something that she has been wanting for sometime now. On top of that I was able to get another TV to replace the old tv in the living room with a 48″ Vizio SmartTV.

I took my mom on a mini shopping spree and got her a couple new outfits and a new winter jacket by Columbia and got me a steal on an Under Armour hoodie that I have been wanting for quite sometime as well as a new pair of shoes from Puma.

So if your in the area and looking for a new or like new vehicle be sure to go check out Watseka Ford. I am beyond ecstatic. If you make it there, let them know that I sent ya there.

Thanks Ford for such an amazing opportunity and amazing vehicle!