Pissed Off

People really know how to get underneath my skin here lately. I just love it when people get into my business when it don’t pertain to them and try to make suggestions or such. I found out today that my mother had the balls to tell one of my aunts shit thats going on in my life and that just pisses me off. If I wanted everybody to know my business I would make sure to publish it in every paper possible so everyone knew. It doesn’t give her the right to tell people my business. If I wanted someone to know I would tell them. When you tell your mother something you should be able to have stay between her but it doesn’t work like that and that’s what pisses me the fuck off. Then another thing that pisses me off is when I tell her something and then she goes and tells someone about and then denies it. Well how in the hell would they know about it then since I didn’t tell them.