I can say that after being back in the city (Champaign-Urbana) I felt so happy. It felt like I was at home where I belong. I am the one that loves to be in the city and would much rather live in the city instead of being in the “country”. I would rather be in the country as like a vacation or retreat. The city has so much to offer and more than what a country area has to offer. I do know that I think eventually I will be moving to the city and to start off in a city it will be in Champaign-Urbana. Although I was in Champaign for an unfortunate reason, but I am glad that it was there as I got to be chill and relaxed. I had a feeling that I hadn’t since 2012. I felt like I was at home. After I get things all settled and taken care of and the such, I will be moving to Champaign and starting a life (a better life) there. People don’t understand why I love the city so much but I do. I don’t have to closed off from society and just be free and open because here I can’t be that way, I just don’t feel comfortable here. The city is my happiness and what brings joy to my life.