Hospital stays aren’t always something that we want to do especially when your the patient. Currently, I am staying at the hospital in Champaign with my amazing aunt as she is sick and had to be transported from our original hospital we took her to to this one. Carle Foundation Hospital is simply the best hospital around and just keeps getting bigger and better. I have never been in a hospital where they are so sweet and caring to the patient and not just the patient, the family included. Another big thing that I like about this facility is that every patient room that I’ve seen is simply a private room so you don’t have to have roommates and all the disturbances that you get from having that. I’ve been here at the hospital since Sunday and running on no sleep at all. Last night I had to go home so that I could go to my therapy session and I felt horrible about it and just cried in bed because I left my aunt even though she was in good care as my mom stayed with her so that I could go home.