Under My Skin

One thing that gets under my skin, is people that use me. I always try to help everyone whenever I can. There are times that I don’t expect anything in return and then there are times that I do expect something in return as there was an agreement made for that. Recently I loaned a friend some money and the last that I had and was supposed to pay me back and that never happened. Then they want to call me or text me because they are needing something else and I am just tired of it. I get used all of the time. It seems like that people only one something to do with me when I have something (usually money) and that they will get it. I have begun a new ritual, since they only want me when I have something or they need something, I’m just gonna start ignoring their phone calls and text messages as I find it completely bullshit to just walk all over me. Since loaning some money to this friend about a month or two ago, I have begun to start ignoring them and it seems like it is paying off, atleast for me, how I feel.