Medical Appointments

Well I just had a doctor appointment with my amazing NP for having my migraines once again and plus to go over my lab work that she had done a couple of weeks ago as she was on vacation all last week. My lab results came back good except for my Cholesterol levels. They went up dramatically from three months ago and don’t know why. Right now she isn’t going to put me on any more medication and see what my next labs look like in three months. She did tell me that I will have eventually be on cholesterol medication whether it be now or 10 years from now as it does run in the family. It was my choice of whether having the medication prescribed to me now or wait and I decided to just wait. But for my migraines, she gave me my normal shots as usual for them and they make me drowsy as hell and relieves me of my migraines for a while, she also told me that I need to add a Vitamin B complex that I can get over the counter at my local dollar store as well as taking my migraine medication with it. So today wasn’t a productive day at all which just sucked as I had things that needed and had to be done, but my health is more important than anything else and if nobody likes it they can just kiss my white ass.


Also on the side note, all of my STD tests & HIV tests came back negative once again and that makes me happy, not that I’m a slut or anything its something I want to keep in check.