Love Conquers Hate

Since the recent ruling within the Supreme Court of The United States of America over marriage equality there has been a lot of opposition that I have heard through various channels, including social media and through words of mouth. The total of this post is just what it means. 

Love will conquer Hate.

Love is a powerful emotion that everyone carries within themselves. This marriage equality isn’t the last thing that the LGBT community will have to deal with it. Now the next hurdle that we Americans will have to fight for is FULL EQUALITY. Right now there is legislation within congress to protect LGBT citizens from being discriminated even further. Right your employer can terminate you for your place of employment for simply being gay. That is just simply unjust. 

We have to stand together and support this act that is in legislation and contact our legislators to vote yes on the Equality Act

We will continue to fight for our rights and and end to discrimination.

If you support equality as I do and my family contact your legislators today and let them know you want them to vote yes on Equality. Also while your at it, why not become a member of The Human Rights Campaign – HRC.