Family Equality Discrimination

It is a complete shame that many families discriminate against their family members for being who they are, gay. It shouldn’t matter who you love. Love is Love. I know that I do have to deal with this form of discrimination with my family and distant family members. The only ones in my family that I know of that supports equality is my mother, brother Lawrence, sister-in-law Tonya. My other brothers and distant family members don’t approve of equality. They don’t believe that same-sex couples deserve the right to marry and they won’t acknowledge it.

My eldest niece that I have nothing to do with, is gay. Her parents don’t approve of her being gay and believe that it is a lifestyle choice of being gay. They have had enough nerve to blame me for making her gay. Well I can say that I had nothing to do with that. You’re either gay or your not, its not a choice. It’s hardwired into you. It shouldn’t matter who it is that you love. As long as your happy thats all that matters and thats all that should matter. I don’t understand on why people want to discriminate against the LGBT community. Discrimination was supposedly a thing of the past, but apparently it isn’t.

I can say that I am very thankful for the #SCOTUS ruling, declaring that refusing same-sex individuals the right to marry is unconstitutional and all clerks are to start issuing marriage licenses immediately. When this ruling came out, I was ecstatic and filled with joy and happiness. Everyone is allowed to marry every where in the United States. Thank you #SCOTUS but I don’t think this will be the last time you have any cases before you involving LGBT specifically around this case you just ruled on.