Family Reunion

Well I can say that my family reunion is coming real soon (3 days) and I can not wait. I am so excited for this reunion as I get to meet my new aunt that has been reunited with the family. I have been in contact with her almost all the time via email and this reunion wouldn’t have been made possible if it wasn’t for her. We haven’t had a family reunion in a long ass time. I love when the family gets together and just mingles and everything. We don’t normal things like everyone else does when they have a family reunion. We just get together for a day or two and catch up and see how everyone is doing and all. The last time that I can remember that the family had gotten together like this was when my uncle passed away a few years ago and it is unfortunate that my Aunt Linda can’t meet him but she will get to hear the memories of him and how he was. I know that I will be getting a lot of pictures as they permit me to so that I have pictures and everything. I will also use the pictures to add to my family history tree that I am trying to make. This reunion couldn’t come any faster. This Friday my Aunt Pat and Mike comes in from Texas and then Saturday we head to Kewanee and let it all begin.


So until then…


Talk to you later.