Current Mood – Happy


    Well I can say that I have been up since around 3:30 this morning and have been feeling wonderful about myself. Which is unusual because the past two weeks, I have been severely depressed and just wanted to stay in bed and not be bothered by anyone. I can say that I am glad that I am feeling like myself once again instead of being all depressed for no reason. These past 2-3 weeks have been hard as I have had some counseling sessions that I had to attend in which I didn’t even want to attend as that meant I had to get out of bed and get ready and go for this 2 hour session. But I am glad that I am feeling better and looking forward for what the future holds for me.

    I think one reason of me feeling depressed was because my boyfriend at the time, dumped me. Although I could understand as I hadn’t made it to Milwaukee yet to see him as he was ecstatic of wanting me to come to Milwaukee to see him, but wouldn’t come here to see me. As I had asked several times for him to come here and see me and stay with me but would always shoot it down and instead would want me to come there instead. I can say that a relationship is full of compromise and that was one compromise that never happened. So I do believe that that had something to do with my depression mood I was in, even though it is normal for me to go into these moods all thanks to my Bipolar Disorder that I have.

    My next article will be about my Bipolar Disorder, About Bipolar in general, and how I live with it and function.