Well I can say that today wasn’t a good start of the day. I woke up about 10:30 last night and have been up since then all thanks to my back. I done something to my back (lower back) and haven’t been able to get comfortable in any position. I was supposed to attend a group meeting today but had to cancel that due to my back as it hurt to even walk. So at around 8:30 this morning my sister took me to the Emergency Room in Hoopeston so that I could get it all checked out. Well they gave me an injection for pain and a muscle relaxer to help ease the pain in my back. They then had X-rays done of my lower back to make sure nothing was broke or anything and thankfully it wasn’t. The doctor confirmed of what I thought was wrong, muscle spasms. I asked how come I ended up with them as I didn’t do anything strenuous as I normally do when I get them, and he told me that once you get a muscle spasm you are prone to get them from the slightest thing. So he gave me a note to be excused from my group today, and gave me three prescriptions to pick up at the pharmacy. I was told to follow up with my PCP in a week if I was still in pain as the next step would have to have an MRI of my lower back to see what else is going on to be causing this. So I was told to go home, rest and not work for the rest of the week. So what a great day in the neighborhood.