Marriage Equality

I have to say that there is a lot of talk going around worldwide, that everyone don’t deserve to have the same rights as others. This post is specifically related to the LGBTQ community. As a member of this community, I believe that everyone no matter their race, religion, net worth, sexual orientation, or anything, they should be entitled to the same benefits to the same benefits as everyone else has. This is the 21st Century and people need to come to realize that we’re not back in the Stone Age. If a heterosexual has one right then an LGBTQ person should have that same right. These aren’t privileges. These are rights. In my personal opinion, the most oppressive people that are against these fundamental rights are the conservative right wing republicans. Yes, I am a devote Democrat, but there are things that I do not believe in that the democrats have done and accomplished. Yes, I know I will probably get some backlash from the public as well as my family members (distant) about my views on this matter, but it doesn’t matter to me as these are my opinions and they are correct opinions that are rights. If you are gay, lesbian, Transgender, Questioning, or even Straight, You should have the same exact rights as each other. Love is love. I’m not going to get into religion as far as I’m concerned that has no meaning or question in this matter. Because if it did, everyone in this world has sinned and will be damned to hell.

I want you to ask yourself as a parent, if your son/daughter was gay? Would you still love them and accept them? More than likely you would. You would also be out there fighting for their rights then. Your opinion would completely change if that happened. You would be supportive in every way you could be. Yes it would be hard at first to comprehend and understand and ask why? You at times will ask yourself if you done something wrong to make this happen? You haven’t done anything wrong. You are either gay or you’re not. You cannot change someone’s orientation. You cannot convert someone to be straight or gay, they just either are.

I believe that if you love someone enough and want to be with them rest of your life, you should be able to marry them and show your love. Hetero’s have that right to do that, so why can’t anyone that is LGBTQ. They love just like anyone else. They’re not any more different than a straight person. They love a person as well. People are not test animals which should be put on a “clinical trial” to see if this will work. Many states and countries have already proven and showed that. We as a Free Nation need to show more equality. There are countries that are exterminating gays and that isn’t fair either to them.

There are many organizations nationally that I support, yet I wish I could financially because I would. Some of these organizations include the Human Rights Campaign (HRC)The NoH8 CampaignEquality Illinois. These organizations are simply amazing. I also support The Trevor ProjectGLAAD that help the LGBTQ teens and young adults.

I recently watched a movie on OWN (when if very first debuted) Entitled Bridegroom which is now available to stream on Netflix. This is a very touching documentary on the life of two gay males that in love with each other and the one’s life was ended due to a freak accident. This movie has moved so many people and has changed so many people’s opinions on this matter. By far to date, this is the best documentary that I have ever watched and I don’t watch too many documentaries as I find most of them boring. After watching it, I seen that Oprah had an encore of it, and I re-watched it with my amazing mother and she also enjoyed it as well. It is very emotional and tear jerking. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you to watch it, and not just because I want you change your opinions on this matter. I want you to see the love in this relationship and the horrible and horrendous acts that happened. Bridegroom is such a moving movie, that I still watch it from time to time on Netflix, either when I can’t find anything interesting on TV to watch or anything else on Netflix that looks good, or when I’m traveling. Another great movie to watch is “The Bully Project“. These two movies are so inspiring.